What Is Daylighting?

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What is a Tubular Daylighting Device? 

Our Solatube Daylighting Systems are known as Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs). They capture sunlight using a rooftop dome, then transfer it indoors through a reflective tube that runs from the roof to the ceiling. From there, the light is evenly dispersed into the interior space using a diffuser. With the Solatube ISn models, and in-tube solar-electric system collects energy to power a NightLight that automatically comes on after dark.While tubular daylighting devices are sometimes referred to as “tubular skylights,” “sun pipes” and “light tunnels,”

Solatube Daylighting Systems are more advanced and complex than these names imply. They are the only high-performance daylighting devices that use patented optical technologies to significantly improve the way daylight is harnessed and delivered to interiors. And unlike traditional skylights, they do not require re-framing, drywalling, tunneling or repainting or days to install. Instead they can be installed in about two hours with little mess or disruption, and at a fraction of the cost.