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This is my second experience with SolaTube skylights. LOVE the quality of the product and results! Called Amazing Skylights to help with my West-facing kitchen and a dark bathroom. Rich and his team did a superb job! Two skylights were put in the kitchen, one routing sunlight from the South-East exposure and another South-West, so my kitchen is filled with a ton of light starting first thing in the morning and into the evening. Before these, we had to have lights on at all times, and now, no need to burn electricity! One of the kitchen skylights has a light kit as well. Bathroom skylight was installed with a fan, looks and works great! They even found and fixed a leak on our roof for one of the rusted vents. I also chose OptiView fixtures for my skylights and they look gorgeous.

If you want it done right, call Amazing Skylights. They have been doing this for many years and SolaTube product is top notch. No leaks, no problems, and way cheaper and brighter than a traditional skylight. My kitchen has a traditional ceiling skylight and the amount of light it brings in does not come close to a 14 inch tubular skylight.

Natalia S., Sperryvilla, Va

Another terrific installation of a solar tube which completely changed the face of this house by turning a dismal-somedays kitchen into a light-filled delight. Something not emphasized enough....the Solatube brings cheery light even on an overcast day. Makes an enormous difference, everyone who sees it, loves the Solatube. As for the company, Amazing aced it again by being prompt and well-priced. The installer was exceptional. 'Measure Twice, Cut Once' type of guy. He worked efficiently and cleaned up after using drop cloths. He explained the product which has gone from having a five year warranty to a 10 year warranty, that's how good it is. Installer went the extra mile by cleaning the kitchen fan on the roof of debris---he figured he was up there anyway. He did a visual on the status of the roof shingles. You don't find people who think like that, much less, actually do it. Told him that co-workers say, oh, you can find solar tubes at Big Box stores and do the installation yourself. To which I say--yeah, you can pull your own tooth too, but it's not recommended, and could prove more costly. My guy was out in an hour, you'd still be looking for your tool setup. Plus, the Solatube is top notch, what they have in the stores is not the same quality product. Amazing Skylights did it again, here is a business that is an asset to the Washington business community, it is a pleasure to work with them.

Carole C. , Tacoma Park, Md

Extremely well. Rich is wonderful! He came right out because of impending rain. He not only replaced the dome (at a reasonable cost: for replacement part $75, for labor and "house call" $60) but he also scheduled free cleanings of my 3 Solatubes. While he was on the roof, he asked if I wanted a complimentary roof inspection performed. I had no idea how old the roof was or what the condition of the shingles were, so I agreed to the inspection. He told me I had about 5 years left on the roof. I considered that a very honest opinion as he could have told me I needed a new roof now (many other companies would have told me this in order to get me to buy a roof from them). I appreciate an honest company! And, Rich is very personable!

Alan B., Manassas, Va

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